** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Surfing / Skimboarding / Bodyboarding | The Tofino, Longbeach and Chesterman Beach area is a great place for all types of surfers. We have 35 km of surfable beach break available, with a few point breaks as well. If you are looking for reef break, there are local guides that can take you. The surf is often the best in the spring and fall but you can surf all year round. Be sure to check our surf packages here.
We recommend.........
Sales & Rentals & Lessons- Live To Surf - The Original Tofino Surf Shop (250) 725-4464
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Skateboarding | Rip into town on the multi-use path, then hit up the new Tofino Skate park with a mixture of street and surf elements. If you need to buy a new board or just get some parts, Live To Surf can help you out. They have a huge selection of surf style longboard skateboards and you can walk there in less than 5 min.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Biking | Not only is a bike an excellent method of transportation in Tofino, we also have a bike park now that is suitable for kids and adults and has a little something for most rider levels. The bike park features a kids push bike track, a pump track, a technical skills section, and a jump park. Located next to the Tofino Community hall.
The Beach House Bike Rentals (250) 725-2722
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Fishing | Many Tofino sports fishing operators offer a wide variety of services and products, from knowledgeable and experienced fishing guides to equipment and supplies to make your fishing trip in Tofino and Clayoquot Sound more enjoyable.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Whale Watching / Bear Watching | Whether you need the excitement of bears and whales, or just want to watch some birds, the wildlife in this area is simply phenomenal. There are several tour companies that can take you on wildlife trips.
Check out....
Jamies Whaling Station (250) 725-3919
The Tofino Whale Center (250) 725-2132
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Kayaking / Canoeing | Tofino is the perfect launching point for your kayaking adventure, as it sits between an intricate maze of inlets, islands and outer beaches. You can also try a new cultural experience by going on a traditional First Nations dugout canoe trip.
Tofino Sea Kayaking (250) 725-4222
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Diving | Explore sunken treasures and witness some of the mysterious creatures beneath the surface of Clayoquot Sound and Barclay Sound. Not only do you get to see all the underwater sights, you often experience other wildlife such seals, otters, sea lions, whales, eagles and bears while travelling to and from differnet dive sites.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Storm Watching | Watch as the open Pacific unleashes its power against the sandy shores and rocky headlands. Sit back in your room and listen to the rain. Storms are at their best during the Fall and Winter months. Come and learn the meaning of "Raining Sideways!"
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Scenic Flights | Get a new perspective during a scenic flight over the rugged coast line and blue waters of Clayoquot Sound. This is also an excellent way to see whales. Float planes can also be chartered for access to remote locations.
Atleo Air (250) 725-2205
Tofino Air (250) 725-4454
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Helicopter Tours | Now here's a way to get a memorable experience on the westcoast that you will remember for a lifetime. Want to get engaged on the top of a mountain? or explore remote areas? Now you can!
Atleo Air Helicopter Service (250) 725-2205
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Boating | There are plenty of charter boats in Tofino to take you wherever you need to go in Clayoquot Sound. If you have your own boat, it can be launched in town or at Grice Bay near Long Beach or in Kennedy Lake. Toquart Bay is also an excellent place to launch your boat if you would like to explore Barkley Sound. Accessible at the Toquart Bay turn off, 10 min past the junction on highway 4, across from Kennedy Lake. A really cool day trip by boat; go to Bamfield and back passing through the Broken Group Islands and Barkley Sound. Check out the Bamfield Water Taxis
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Hiking | Located just 5 min outside of Pacific Rim National Park, there are an abundant amount of trails and beaches to hike and explore. There are also remote trails by boat such as the Meares Island hike, that gives you a stunning view of Tofino from another Island. Click here to see our local hiking trails.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Indoor Climbing | Challenge and strengthen your body at the indoor climing gym. Lots of climbing routes and different physical exercises to keep in shape and have lots of fun!
The Alternative - Tofino's Indoor Climbing Gym has closed
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Golfing | A 10 min drive will bring you to Long Beach Golf Course. The course offers full service and facilities, including an 18 hole mini golf course, and a 9 hole Championship golf course.
Long Beach Golf Course (250) 725-3332
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Back Road Adventures | Travel up the old logging roads and take in the beautiful scenery. There are several lake and river locations only accessible by logging road. Trucks or vehicles with 4 wheel drive are recommended. Be very careful of oncoming logging trucks.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** BEACHES! Walking, jogging, biking, beach combing, sandcastle building | These are just a few activities that you can do on any of the gorgeous beaches here. Bring your bachi ball set or a frisbee, and enjoy the sand. Great place to fly a kite, and just come and explore some tide pools.Click here to see our local beaches.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Bird Watching | There are many species of birds in and around Clayoquot Sound to keep the bird watchers happy. They range from the great bald eagle to the rufous hummingbird; from shore birds to water fowl. Guided tours available.
Just Call Just Birding at (250) 725-2520
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Hot Springs | Gorgeous two-kilometre boardwalk trail to the seven natural geo-thermal pools of Hot Springs Cove traverses stands of ancient cedars, fern gardens and moss-carpeted thickets. Tidal action also flushes the pools twice daily, so they are always noticeably clean. Located in Maquinna Provincial Park in the remote northern end of Clayoquot Sound.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Yoga | Tofino has many certified yoga instructors offering classes in a variety of styles catering to all levels. Surrounded by pristine sandy beaches and temperate rainforest, Tofino is the perfect environment to enjoy yoga. Workshops and class information can be found at CoastalBlissYoga.com
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Ziplining | Travel by trail and zipline through the Kennedy River Canyon with experienced zipline guides insuring your safety and enjoyment. Located in the HA'UUKMIN Tribal Park 55min east of Tofino towards Port Alberni.
West Coast Wild (250) 726-7715

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Educational | Learn about this area during your stay by visiting one of the many educational centers and societies such as these. These are excellent options for anyone with kids too!
Tofino Botanical Gardens (250) 725-1220
Raincoast Education Society (250) 725-2560
Kwisitis Visitor Centre, formerly Wickaninnish Interpretive Center (888) 773-8888
Ucluelet Aquarium (250) 726-2782
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Other | We have a multi-use path that stretches from the center of town all the way out Cox Bay. It's a great way to get around on foot, bike or skateboard, and get to most of the activities listed here.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Shopping | Tofino has an abundance of funky little local shops featuring lots of local artists and First Nations Native art. Take a walk around town and check them out.
Be sure to check out - Outside Break A great collection of little shops nearby
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Annual Events | Tofino has numerous annual events to keep you entertained throughout the year.
List of Annual Events
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Brewery Tour | Tofino's got it's own craft brewery. Be sure to stop by for a tour and pick up a "growler", where the beer is almost as fresh as the air.
Tofino Brewing Co. (250) 725-2899
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Locally Roasted Coffee | If you like your grinds as fresh as we do, you're gonna wanna check out Tofino Coffee Co. while you are here. Remember 3-18 days for optimum freshness!
Tofino Coffee Co.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Hand Made Chocolates and Gelatos | Even more incredible than eating chocolate is getting to see if made. Don't forget to bring some home.
Hand Made Chocolate and Ice Cream
Chocolate Tofino (250) 725-2526



Dining | Tofino is a small town, but has an incredible selection of amazing food and fresh seafood.

Some excellent food choices worth making reservations for.....
Schooner on Second (250) 725-3444
SOBO (250) 725-2341
Shelter Restaurant (250) 725-3353
Tough City Sushi (250) 725-2021

Good Food To Go
Tacofino Cantina Mexican Food (250) 725-8228
Wildside Grill Natural Foods - By Natural Dudes (250) 725-9453
Red Can Gourmet in Tofino's Industrial District (250) 725-2525
Tofitian Internet Cafe End of the Road Culture (250) 725-3631
Breakers Deli (250) 725-2558
Tony's Pizza (250) 725-2121

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